Naughty Chair = Lots of hard rock favorites including a few Def Leppard tunes.

Photograph = An entire set of Def Leppard plus an additional set of hard rock favorites following the Def Leppard Set.

Also, just to clear up any misunderstanding, Photograph is NOT breaking up. Feel free to contact us with any other questions.Thanks!


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Story as told to Marshall Staxx-The Entertainer

"We began to notice that although the Def Leppard tribute set was well received, it was tough to balance how often we could play without burning it out and yet keep it frequent enough where people didn't forget about us" said guitarist Brent Taritas. "It was suggested to us by several club managers that we develop an off-shoot project based around what we were playing in our 2nd set so we could get into the club rotation a little more consistently".

In the summer of 2009, the band started meeting to discuss material. "We decided to loosen the reigns a little and give things a try that we normally would not have considered" said vocalist Andre Beaudot. "If it rocks, we gave it a fair shake". "Milwaukee certainly isn't lacking in retro based rock acts and were friends with a lot of the guys in those other bands" said Taritas; " We knew what we wanted to do was play stuff that fit our strengths as players, but also that could give us a little identity of our own". "Of course, there is some material that crosses over from band to band, but we really tried to steer away on the majority from doing the stuff that other bands are doing" said bassist Todd Silverstone.

Naughty Chair  makes it's debut at Rooters Niteclub in Waukesha Wi, Dec 19th 2009. " Rooters has been our home base since we started playing together" said keyboardist Tim Davis. "Our best crowds have been at Rooters and Bill Essex has always been fair with us and given us opportunities so we felt it was right to debut the new band there" said drummer Doug Laak. "Plus the layout of the room and stage makes it possible to do cool things from a production standpoint" said guitarist John Guardalabene".

When asked about the new name the band collectively responded with: Naming a cover band is a bi**h!. "There is a fine line between clever and stupid" quipped Beaudot." On one hand you have names that are completley silly, and on the other you have names that are far too serious for a cover band." "We wanted something in the middle"." We didn't want a name that sounded like a group of guys in their mid thirties who thought they still had a shot at the big time by playing 80's style rock originals", "but we also didn't want to sound like a band that wasn't serious at all about what they are doing"" Naughty Chair was one of the few names that popped up that was middle ground" said Laak."And it has nearly endless promo options" said Davis.

The band had this to say in closing: With a reference to the Decline of Western Civilization-The Metal Years-  Stealing a direct quote from Lemmy.

"Run it up the flagpole and see who salutes it"

"That's all we can do" said Taritas
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Stacey: This is going to rock!

Shawn B: WOW, have not been to see you since, well ummmm I'll admit it was the late 80' wife saw you were playing close to home, [...]

Suzi: you guys are HOT!

Suzi: hey boys! saw your band for the first time at the badger are AWESOME! will be back for more NAUGHTY!

Debbie & Gary: see ya soon

METALJAMES: Great show at the Badger Bowl.

John: HOLY F*KIN SHT DIS YOU GUYS ROCK! Badger bowl has not seen that level of ass kicking until last weekend. I will be back

Dave: Great show as usual last night at Rooters. Andre nice job copeing with the mic failure too!!! Keep rocking.