Todd Silverstone

Todd Silverstone – Bass/Vocals

Todd Silverstone began his music life as a drummer/vocalist while growing up in Michigan. His start began playing with childhood friends like Kevin Chown (Tony MacAlpine, Chad Smith, Tarja Turunen) and Brian Lord (Mitch Ryder) and continued to Minneapolis playing with bands such as "The Kings Machine" and former Toto front man "Fergie Frederiksen". Stone has spent many years traveling the U.S. and Canada sharing the stage with such acts as Ted Nugent, Tesla, Night Ranger, David Lee Roth, Ace Frehley, and Cinderella to name just a few. After a transplant to Milwaukee, he was introduced to the guys in the band, Photograph. Having always been a closet string player and songwriter, he was quite happy to join the guys as a bass player and back-up vocalist when the opportunity came up.

Stone's Gear: I guess I've always used Hamer basses. An assortment from the 80's and 90's. 4, 5, and 12 string, and a recently added home-built StoneOphonic 4 string fretless. Live, I run through an Ampeg SVT 7 Pro, a pair of Ampeg classic cabinets, Sansamp RB-1, DBX 166XL, Lexicon MX-200, Yamaha SPX-50, Senheiser G3 series wireless instrument and monitor systems, Mogami cables, DR DDT strings and Shure SCL-5 ear monitors. For at home I also use Ovation, Fender and Gibson electric and acoustic guitars. 

Drumming wise, I currently bang on a Pearl Birch Shell Kit, an array of Vic Firth sticks, and have always used Zidjian cymbals and DW pedals. Not being a computer head, I still like to write and record my personal stuff on the Boss BR-900 and use Roland V-drums. Wow…that is way too much gear!

Favorite Quote: “Time wounds all heels” – John Lennon

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Stacey: This is going to rock!

Shawn B: WOW, have not been to see you since, well ummmm I'll admit it was the late 80' wife saw you were playing close to home, [...]

Suzi: you guys are HOT!

Suzi: hey boys! saw your band for the first time at the badger are AWESOME! will be back for more NAUGHTY!

Debbie & Gary: see ya soon

METALJAMES: Great show at the Badger Bowl.

John: HOLY F*KIN SHT DIS YOU GUYS ROCK! Badger bowl has not seen that level of ass kicking until last weekend. I will be back

Dave: Great show as usual last night at Rooters. Andre nice job copeing with the mic failure too!!! Keep rocking.