Tim "Timmay" Davis

Previous Bands: Life101, Rhythm Method, Light Up

Keyboard Gear: Korg 01/W, Ensoniq ASR-10, Mood Prodigy, Roland Juno-106, Roland D-550, Roland JV-880 (wow…my gear is getting so old it's almost "vintage"!)

Musical Inspiration: Saga, Kansas, Dream Theater, Tori Amos, Jellyfish, the Beatles, Imogen Heap, Electric Six…

Favorite Anecdote: When the band Queen was recording "Bohemian Rhapsody" (that included a staggering 180 vocal overdubs alone) they stretched mid-’70s studio technology to the breaking point. Brian Mays said that “We held the tape up to the light one day — we’d been wondering where all the top end was going — and discovered a virtually transparent piece of tape. All the oxide had been rubbed off. It was time to hurriedly make a copy and get on with it.”

Favorite Band Drink – Jagermeister, Miller beer

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Stacey: This is going to rock!

Shawn B: WOW, have not been to see you since, well ummmm I'll admit it was the late 80's.....my wife saw you were playing close to home, [...]

Suzi: you guys are HOT!

Suzi: hey boys! saw your band for the first time at the badger bowl...you are AWESOME! will be back for more NAUGHTY!

Debbie & Gary: see ya soon

METALJAMES: Great show at the Badger Bowl.

John: HOLY F*KIN SHT DIS YOU GUYS ROCK! Badger bowl has not seen that level of ass kicking until last weekend. I will be back

Dave: Great show as usual last night at Rooters. Andre nice job copeing with the mic failure too!!! Keep rocking.