Doug Laak – Drums/Vocals

Current Bands – Photograph – Naughty Chair

Previous bands – Oh yes,,, the bands from the late 80’s early 90’s; when we all thought our originals were the next big hit album and we were one step away from being discovered. (Thanks Dad for at least acting like you believed me for a few years) Danamora, Idol Threat, Street Kid, Heaven Tonight, A gig here and there with various bands like Cherry Pie, various recording projects that were great experiences, blah, blah, blah

Years playing – Bedroom LP jamming back when I was but a lad, then 6 or 8 years gigging clubs in Milwaukee and Waukesha….. Opening for bands like Raven Bitch (at least 10 times with those party animals, surprised I’m not more screwed up!), Moxy Roxx, Bad Boy, Ruby Star, Nitro, Danger Danger, Blah, blah, blah…. Cutting my hair and taking a small 10 year break until my best friend Kurt Boyd talked me out of retirement into a Cheap Trick tribute. That eventually led to 5 years in Photograph and Naughty Chair. All that could add up to 15 years or so.

Gear – Been a Pearl guy all my life until I hooked up with my current DW Collector Series Royal Blue Lacquer Finish with Keller shells from the mid 1990’s, which produce that original DW sound they became famous for. DW fans will tell you they desire this older sounding shell. A Gibraltar V-Rack station with a mixed bag of cymbals that sound good and last more than two shows, my Paiste ride and china have survived all the way from the 80’s. Pearl demon drive double pedals and Promark 727 nylon tip sticks. Electric gear includes a Roland expanded TD-10 and TD-8 brains I use with a Heart Dynamics kit, and a Yamaha DTXTREME full electric kit with maple shells. Two sets of Hart E-cymbals and an Alesis DM Pro Expandable 20 Bit Drum Module, and a bunch of stuff I need to sell, watch for it on eBay.

Influences/Inspirations – Typically this is the spot where you put Mike Portnoy and Neil Pert. I’m going to break the mold a bit and keep it to one guy that “kept it in the pocket”. All time favorite tasty drummer of all time – Scott Rockenfield. Anyone out there that made a career out of playing music, the odds are incredibly small. My Kids and my wife to be, for supporting this time consuming hobby.

Favorite Quote – “This one goes in your mouth, this one in your butt, this one in your ear………. Oh,,, wait………….. This one goes in your mouth, this one in your ear,…………………..” – Idiocracy

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Stacey: This is going to rock!

Shawn B: WOW, have not been to see you since, well ummmm I'll admit it was the late 80' wife saw you were playing close to home, [...]

Suzi: you guys are HOT!

Suzi: hey boys! saw your band for the first time at the badger are AWESOME! will be back for more NAUGHTY!

Debbie & Gary: see ya soon

METALJAMES: Great show at the Badger Bowl.

John: HOLY F*KIN SHT DIS YOU GUYS ROCK! Badger bowl has not seen that level of ass kicking until last weekend. I will be back

Dave: Great show as usual last night at Rooters. Andre nice job copeing with the mic failure too!!! Keep rocking.